In Sheep's ClothingIn Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People

Dr. George Simon explains what makes manipulators tick and how manipulation works. He explains why manipulative people can make you feel crazy and why these back stabbers and con artists manage to get the better of you. In Sheep’s Clothing is Dr. Simon’s first book and has enjoyed unprecedented bestseller status for almost 14 years. Readily available at local bookstores, libraries (if they don’t have it in stock, please ask and they’ll order it!), and the various online booksellers such as and Barnes&, the book is regarded by many as the definitive manual for understanding manipulative people and other difficult characters and has been published in several foreign languages. ranked this book as the 11th bestselling book of all time in the area of psychiatry, and among the top 100 titles in categories such as self-help, psychology, self-improvement, and human relations. Read it today and discover:
  • The true nature of aggressive and covert-aggressive (manipulative) personality types
  • The tactics manipulators use to deceive and get the better of others
  • The emotional vulnerabilities a person can have that make them prone to victimization
  • How to become more empowered in relationships with manipulator and other difficult characters

This book is available for purchase online at

Character DisturbanceCharacter Disturbance: The Phenomenon of Our Age

Modern permissiveness and the new culture of entitlement allows disturbed people to reach adulthood without proper socialization.  In a book meant both for the general public and for professionals, best selling author and psychologist George Simon explains in plain English:
  • How most disturbed characters think
  • The habitual behaviors the disturbed use  to avoid responsibility and to manipulate, deceive and exploit others
  • Why victims in relationships with disturbed characters do not get the help they need from traditional therapies
  • A straightforward guide to recognizing and understanding all relevant personality types, especially those most likely to undermine relationships
  • A new framework for making sense of the crazy world many find themselves in when there’s a disturbed character in their lives
  • Concrete principles that promote responsibility and positive change when engaging disturbed characters
  • Tactics to lessen the chances of victimization and empower those who would otherwise be victims in their relationships with many types of disturbed characters
This book was released in August 2010 by Parkhurst Brothers Inc.l, Publishers.

Simon Judas Syndrome (1)The Judas Syndrome: Why Good People Do Awful Things

Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.  But “good” Christians betray their lack of genuine faith in Christ and his message with their unseemly actions.  Filled with many examples, The Judas Syndrome illustrates the role genuine faith can play in changing a person’s life and avoiding the pitfalls that create troubled relationships.  Faith can really save us, but genuine, transforming faith is not easily undertaken nor can it be confidently sustained alone.  In his first book specifically written for the Christian audience, Dr. Simon draws on his years of clinical experience to testify to the power of faith that is not merely professed but rather embraced to the degree that it truly transforms.  This book was released on Feb 1, 2013 and is available for purchase online at

sheeps audiobook imageIn Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People (Audiobook)

Available from AUDIBLE.COM.
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